Tasty Gourmet Treats -- crepes, gelato, smoothies

Lily's Creperie
 crepes, salads, gelato, smoothies

Tasty gourmet treats  — crepes, gelato, smoothies —  for adults are our speciality!   Affordable too.

Tasty Gourmet Treats owners
Lily and Scott

Each gourmet treat is made from carefully tested recipes using high-quality local ingredients. Most, including every crepe, are made-to-order before your eyes so that they are as fresh, appealing and delicious as possible.

This small friendly cafe is operated by two dedicated owners, Lily & Scott, who do their very best to make every treat a pleasant and delicious gourmet experience that adds joy to your day.

Bon appetit!

Hours: 9 am-6 pm, Tuesday-Sunday (closed Mondays)
Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Early Dinner & Dessert
Take Out Food?  Call (650)312-1579

Savory Crepes

Savory crepes are filled with various meat, cheese or vegetable mixtures, sometimes topped with complementary sauces. Ours, which come with a small organic salad, make an excellent light meal or quick tasty snack.

Note: Tasty organic gluten-free buckwheat is available as a substitute for white flour in all of our crepes. $.75 extra.

Sweet Crepes

Sweet crepes are good for a dessert or for breakfast. They come with a variety of fillings, often including Nutella spread, and with preserves, sugar, whipped cream, fruit spreads or sliced fruits.

Salads, etc.

Tasty healthy salads for a light meal. Or, share a nice cheese plate.


The premium artisan gelato & sorbet we serve is by a local Italian vendor with only a few outlets. It is very fresh and some of the flavors are available only in season. You'll find it unusually tasty, certainly not your ordinary gelato.

Smoothies & other drinks

We have a variety of special smoothies to intrigue your palate as well as other unique drinks such as Thai-Chai iced tea.

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Tasty Gourmet Treats - crepes, gelato, smoothies, coffee
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Map to Tasty Gourmet Treats

108 De Anza Blvd,
San Mateo, CA.
In Crystal Springs Shopping Center near Hwy 92, Hwy 280, &
San Mateo Jr College
Phone: (650)312-1579

Map to Tasty Gourmet Treats

9am-6pm Tue-Sun
Open 6 days/week
Closed Mondays

Take Out Food?
Call (650)312-1579

Lily's Creperie is a BBB 

Accredited Restaurant in San Mateo, CA